Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Couch

Times are tough … there’s no doubt about it. Nearly everyone is looking for ways to earn some more cash to pay their bills and try to save of the money they work so hard for.

But even if you are a hard-charging workhorse, sometimes it’s not realistic to take on a 2nd job. You probably don’t have the time or the energy to do so. Or maybe, you need to stay at home to look after your kids and taking on a job isn’t in the cards with the responsibilities you have at home.

To answer the question that we get at least 10 times a day, we put together the best ways to earn some extra cash without leaving your home.

1) Take Surveys Online

This option is first on our list because it has the lowest hurdle to get started. At Survey Junkie, for example, you can sign up and start filling out surveys within minutes.

There are a wide variety of surveys but none of them are very difficult. You can easily do them while watching the news or the game. But in exchange for the ease of getting started, the payouts are not great. They work on a point system so it’s not cut and dry how much money you will earn, but our best estimate is about $10/hour. Keep in mind: there are a limited about of surveys you can do. You can’t sit there all day and do surveys; there aren’t enough of them.

You’ll never be able to pay your rent with Survey Junkie, but the ease of doing the surveys makes it an option worth exploring.

Survey Junkie does require a verification call before you can be paid. It only takes 2 minutes and they are just trying to make sure you are a real person and where you say you are. Aside from Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion is another well-known site for online survey work.

2) Lend Your Creativity To Brands

This is probably my favorite one of the list. The idea is based around the concept of crowdsourcing where you can be paid for helping companies come up with the name of their company, product, website domain or brand motto. The name of the site is called SquadHelp and it’s a really cool concept.

You submit your ideas for naming contests and if they choose your idea, you can get paid anywhere from a few hundred dollars to sometimes over $1,000. The problem of course is that you need to come up with the winning idea. But if you submit your ideas to enough of the contests, you will eventually start winning and will start to get the hang of what companies are looking for.

Pro tip: choose the contests where the payouts are not as big so fewer people are submitting your ideas. It gives you a better chance of winning and there is no limit to how many contents you can enter.

3) Do Virtual Work Through Amazon

If you have been searching for work online, you may have come across the name “Amazon Mechanical Turk”. This is a really cool concept that is organized by Amazon where companies will pay you to do certain work that can only be done by humans. The tasks range from data processing, information gathering, and verifying certain information online as correct.

The pay can vary but in some cases, you can get paid quite well. The problem is that there is a decent amount of competition from other people looking for work so it may take a while before you start getting consistent work. Our advice is to sign up now and keep checking in. After a while, you will start earning and seeing results.

4) Be A User Tester

Depending on your interests, this is one of the most interesting ways to earn money online. Companies that have apps or applications will pay you to use their product and comment on it. At times, companies will require you to record your screen and describe your experience while using the application. It can be fun work if you like technology, but by no means do you need to be a tech expert. In fact it’s better if you aren’t. They are trying to see how a person that has no background with the product will interact with it and if they are creating a user-friendly tool. If this idea interests you, definitely check it out because you can make a decent additional income doing this. But it does require more thought and effort than online surveys. Start with

5) Online Focus Groups

We debated on whether to put this one on the list because there are some requirements to become part of focus groups. They generally are looking for people who are already working in a particular field (marketing for example) and they want to get your opinion on certain products related to that field. The pay can be really good, but if you are not from that particular field, you are out of luck. Still, if you do qualify, this is a fantastic way to earn very good pay per hour by participating. Check out to see if you can qualify.

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