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What Is Jiu Jitsu Finance?

The martial art of Jiu Jitsu attempts to use the momentum and force of your opponent to your advantage. The word "jitsu" is translated as "to give way" or "to move out of harms way". You then try to submit your opponent by using leverage where your body is strongest and his body is weakest.

Jiu Jitsu finance takes the same concept and applies it to what seems like a completely different arena: financial wealth. While there is no physical nature to finance, there is one major common denominator when compared to Jiu Jitsu: the Self.

In Jiu Jitsu and all other martial arts, the fight is not ultimately against your opponent, but rather against your Self. Likewise with your personal finances, your greatest enemy are your own thoughts, habits and behaviors. These are also your greatest sources of power.

Your journey to personal wealth and financial liberation begins here.